Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Tommy Met Anna.



Last night, I attended the opening of the Bay's When Tommy Met Anna photo exhibit. It was a fantastic event and I was thrilled to meet them both. Tommy Ton's photography is bold, vivid, fun and celebrates  the details. Anna Dello Russo is the perfect subject for him.  It was a camera snapping frenzy, and I am no Tommy Ton, but I did manage to capture some shots of Anna's incredible wardrobe. She is as vibrant and colorful in person as she is in his photographs.


  1. You should mention the part where Anna singled you out from the crush of people and asked to speak with you personally because she thought your look was standout and fresh and wanted to compliment you.

    Congrats the pics look amazing!


  2. seems like a lot of fun! The first pic is just stunning :)!

  3. It was! Thank you! The first and last shot are my favorites.