Friday, June 17, 2011

Céline Resort 2012.


Resort wear was never a collection I gave much attention. I don't typically jet off to sunny beaches in the winter, so cruise attire during the colder months never really appealed to me. However, after perusing the 2012 resort shows, there is no doubt that what was once a collection aimed mostly at hot spot winter travelers, has evolved into a much more accessible, multi-seasonal line. The Wall Street Journal article "The Little Season that Could" credits this change to designers taking more of a notice to resort wear's large retail possibilities. It is of course the clothing line that remains in stores the longest (Late Oct-June). Resort is now being given more of a creative priority whilst still maintaining it's wearable and realistic roots. "A perfect fashion storm" they say.  As opposed to just bathing suits and cruise wear, the collections now reflect options that will help brighten and change up a tired winter wardrobe and also provide transition pieces and hints for what's to come in spring.

Céline's most recent show is a great example of how strong and creative resort wear collections are becoming. My jaw dropped when the I saw these photographs.  The florals, to no surprise, I find fantastic. The love the layering of the long blouses over the pants as well as the skirt over the pants, no doubt a look I will be playing with come fall. The leather culottes are stellar and a cut that I have yet to see until now, and that techno trench couldn't be any cooler.  I seriously could have posted every photo from her show, but I thought that might be overkill. You can however, check out the rest here.

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