Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joe Fresh SS 2012 - Toronto Fashion Week


The energy before the Joe Fresh show was somewhat tense. It felt like rush seating for 400 guests with only 300 seats. There was pushing and shoving, people frantically waving their media pass or VIP card, panicked they weren't going to get a seat. At Joe Fresh? Really!? Yes, really. They do it up right at fashion week. Big name models, great soundtrack and most importantly, cool clothes. Cool clothes that you can actually afford, $20.00 shirt afford. It's a pretty killer combination.

Like Zara, Joe Fresh gets the trend memos and manages to hit just about every note that is hot for the season. However, unlike Zara, Joseph Mimran does not replicate. He takes the right cues and injects them into his own original style. The results are clean, fresh, modern clothes, that although not wildly original are still worthy of attention.

This season, the label hit all the right notes. The colors were bright and optimistic with no shortage of the signature neon orange. The bold hues were used in bright prints and sharp color blocking. The accent of the crisp white was the perfect compliment. (Hard not to think Celine's f/w deserves some credit for the white turtleneck inspiration). There was a definite 70s vibe injected into the show with the long flowy skirts, flared jeans, and sack dresses. However the plethora of super on trend techno fabrics, like mesh, transparent nylon and neoprene kept the collection very much into the present, and gave it a modern sporty feel.

I squealed at the leather capris (hence the two photos), and I could easily pick up every ounce of outerwear. There were tons of pieces I was checking off my own personal "buyer" list and I am quite certain the rest of the crowd was doing the same.

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