Friday, November 12, 2010

Paolo Roversi's point of view.

Roversi's photos are all unique to one another but his wonderful approach to style is what ties each one together.

"... I don’t think a certain light should become one’s style. I know some photographers who screw a light into the floor of their studio because they like it, and this becomes their style. I think this is terrible. It is too much like putting the same jacket on everyday because you want to be recognized and you are afraid that if you change jackets you won’t be recognized anymore. Your personality is not coming from your jacket or the cut of your hair - and your photographic style should not be coming from a lighting technique. Your photographic style comes from your creative expression, from your esthetic, from the beauty that you can bring to the image, the emotion that you can give to the people who are looking at your work." Paolo Roversi

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