Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christopher Kane. S/S 2012.


Christopher Kane's S/S show caused quite a commotion over the weekend. To many it was a big favorite of the week and reportedly some audience goers were even brought to tears.  I am not one who indulges too much in precious clothes but my jaw couldn't help but drop at how stunning his pieces were. The gorgeous brocade fabric was wallpaper inspired Kane says, however it reminded me of the evening wear my grandmother owned from the 60s. Beautiful structured silver brocade jackets and dresses I now wish were in my own closet.  Kane's collection brought a wonderful modernity to the embellished evening look. The most surprising twist of course was his incorporation of the material with pool sandals. Yes, rubber pool sandals.  I definitely didn't see that one coming when I viewed in on the details.

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