Monday, September 26, 2011

Thunder Perfect Mind.



Thunder Perfect Mind was a short film created in 2005 to launch Prada's first fragrance. I was recently introduced to the film by coming across its photo stills, which are as gorgeous as the film itself. Miuccia Prada said she wanted to do something more than the "standard TV commercial" so she solicited the help of Jordan Scott and her father Ridley Scott to help direct and create the piece. The result is one of the more stunning fashion films I've ever seen. The architecture, the clothing, the music, the voice over, all of it perfectly styled and so well executed.

When noted that the Prada Brand was not revealed until the final shot. Miuccia had this to say about the piece: “This is not a branding exercise. I never in my life thought about Prada as a brand. In our company that word isn’t banned exactly but it isn’t used. No-one talks about it that way. We talk about doing something well. It sounds stupid but it’s probably the secret of our success."

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